Database Development

Database Developers are responsible for creating and managing the structure of databases, ensuring data is stored securely and efficiently, and implementing the necessary functionality to enable users to interact with the database. They may also be involved in designing and implementing data models, writing complex queries, and optimizing database performance. Overall, the competency of database development is critical in software design as they are responsible for ensuring that data is organized, accessible, and secure for software applications for clients.

Career Paths
The Database Development micro-credential is critical for the role of Database Developer, Software Developer, Database Administrator, Data Developer, and Application Developer.

Recommended: Experience with an object-oriented programming language such as C#

This micro-credential contains material from LinkedIn Learning. Please ensure the same email address is used for both Pivot-Ed and LinkedIn accounts.

Up to 8 weeks based on your experience and expertise. Pivot-Ed micro-credentials are measured by performance and not time.

Delivery Mode
Flexible, online and asynchronous with two options to fit your learning requirements - choose between the bundle or assessment-only path.  

Assessment-only or Bundle, what is right for me?

Micro-Credential Pathways Description Price
Database Bundle
Access to all learning content, instructor support, and three attempts at the competency assessment to earn the micro-credential.
Database Assessment
Students have one attempt at the competency assessment to earn the micro-credential. There is no limit to the number of times a student can register to complete the competency assessment.

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